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作者: yueyrt1tcM    時間: 7 天前 23:33     標題: Cheap Authentic Jerseys with the full involvement of the Government of Guyana

The contribution of the University of Guyana to national development is expected to be significantly enhanced by the sustained improvement in the quality of graduates through the availability of more highly qualified staffers. This improvement can be further boosted through expanded programmes, research and publications on topics of relevance to the many varied challenges and possibilities and potentials of the country, said Chancellor of the University,Cheap NHL Jerseys, Professor Compton Bourne.UG Chancellor Professor Compton BourneThe Chancellor further alluded to the importance of augmented and upgraded physical facilities through closer cooperative action between the university and the Private Sector and through internationally benchmarked internal governance and management structures and practices. “From the excellent leadership of Vice Chancellor (Lawrence) Carrington,China NFL Jerseys, several developments in these directions are on the way through the framework of a strategic plan,” Professor Bourne disclosed.He revealed that several months ago, the university entered into an agreement with the World Bank and the Government of Guyana for a $10B Science and Technology support project, which will directly address education quality issues by supporting curricula reform and infrastructure rehabilitation and institution capacity in selected areas.  “All that remains for implementation of that project is to sign off by the Ministry of Finance to trigger the flow of funds,” Professor Bourne revealed.There is also a notable grant of Euro $150,000 by the European Union for capacity building in Amerindian Villages, Professor Bourne mentioned, adding that a smaller but no less important project has been streamlined for enhancing participation, responsiveness,China NFL Jerseys, accountability and conflict management through training.Additionally, the university,Wholesale NFL Jerseys Online, with the full involvement of the Government of Guyana, is poised to benefit from a US$250,NFL Jerseys Wholesale,000 grant from the Caribbean Development Bank for the improvement of institutional governance, administration and management.  And according to Professor Bourne, “it is truly particularly gratifying to learn from the Vice Chancellor’s report to the Council that the University of Guyana’s alumni continues to excel in post-graduate studies, masters and doctorial levels at foreign universities in fields as varied environment, forestry, water science and engineering, advanced computer systems,Wholesale Jerseys, communications, education, plant science and food science.”“Their success is testimony to the heights that can be reached despite the handicaps imposed on the university by its constant state of financial under-provisioning…their success should be a charge to the public and private sectors to loosen their purse strings and expand the capacity of the university to provide high quality tertiary education to the young men and women of Guyana.”Professor Bourne amplified the notion “give and it shall be returned to you hundred fold.” He pointed out too that the university graduates’ contribution to Guyana’s development is likely to be enhanced by substantially increasing the proportion of agriculture, forestry, science and technology. He made reference to the fact that for the first time (this year) the university delivered graduates in the area of Bachelors of Dental Surgery, Bachelors of Science in Pharmacy and Post Graduate Diplomas in Orthopaedics and Traumatology.

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