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A 53-year-old man was shot early yesterday at the Meadow Bank Wharf, East Bank Demerara, (EBD) during a botched robbery.The victim has been identified as Zhifa Lu. He was shot once to the left foot by one of two armed men. The incident reportedly happened some time around 07:20 hrs.According to reports, four Chinese nationals went to the wharf to purchase fish when the incident occurred.Kaieteur News was told that when the men arrived at the wharf,NHL Jerseys Authentic, they parked their vehicle outside and walked into the compound. While in the compound, a white tinted car pulled up and parked alongside the Chinese nationals’ vehicle.An eyewitness yesterday said that two armed men exited the white car and broke into Lu’s vehicle and collected all the valuables,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, including the battery.“They packed the things into their car and they sit and waited on the men (Chinese national) to come out the wharf. But a li’l while later,China Jerseys, only one man (Lu) come out from the wharf and walk towards his vehicle. That’s when one of them bandits rush up to he,Cheap Jerseys Store,” the eyewitness recalled.Kaieteur News was further told that a fight ensued after which two shots were fired one of which struck Lu.“After the shooting, the man run through a crack that lead straight out to Rahaman’s Park and the other gunman drive away…like he went to meet up the shooter. They didn’t get anything from the Chinese man other than what they took from his vehicle,Cheap NFL Jerseys,” the eyewitness said.He further added that Lu was rushed to the hospital where he was treated and sent away.A source at the wharf yesterday said that robberies have become a norm at the wharf. “Every day someone always gets robbed outside the wharf. The police would usually be here but what happens is when the police leave,Cheap Jerseys Online, people from the inside would inform these guys and that’s when they show up and rob people.”Investigations are ongoing.

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