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The Guyana National Bureau of Standards (GNBS) has warned that shoppers should not be duped by all the advertising strategies employed by business to sell their products.The GNBS said that for the Christmas season, shoppers will be bombarded with information and or misinformation as the business community intensifies its advertising efforts, and as such they should seriously consider after sale service.The Standards Bureau noted that this should be an important factor for consumers shopping electrical appliances.GNBS Public Relations Officer, Lloyd David explained that the Bureau monitors 20 categories of commodities which include electrical appliances.As such, Inspectors of the Bureau examine these appliances at the ports of entry and warehouses to ensure that they comply with established labeling requirements and the requisite quality marks are affixed to them.He said certification or quality marks assure buyers that the appliances were tested by an independent third party certification body in the country of export and they are fit for the purpose intended.Adding that consumers should take into consideration some guidelines when buying electrical appliances, David stressed that they should analyze their needs: who will be using the appliance, how often it will be used, where it will be placed in the home etc. and choose accordingly.For pricing, he said consumers should expect to pay more for brand name appliances, added features and performance and possible workmanship if not adequately covered by a warranty. Some additional gadgets may give the appliance a better look but may be unnecessary for the customers’ needs.Additionally he said,Cheap NFL Jerseys, for electrical requirements, consumers should ensure that the appliance has the correct voltage (110 or 220 volts).“If you purchase any high voltage appliance,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, you must have a higher voltage electrical line installed. You may require the services of an electrician…. Ensure the appliance has the right cycle (50 Hz,Jerseys NFL China, 60 Hz or 50/60 HZ),Jerseys Wholesale, which may vary depending on the area you live…Remember to check to ensure that the watts can be accommodated in your home. (Note that higher watts may result in better performance but will require more energy),” he explained.Additional tips for consumers include: In the case of appliances,Cheap NFL Jerseys Supply, customers must consider the size of the item and its capacity. They must ensure that the item can fit into the space available at your home. (2) Take into account your family’s immediate and future needs. (3)Take into consideration the frequent changes in technology which may render an appliance obsolete or out dated. (4) Buy from stores that offer warranties, good pre-purchasing advice and adequate after sale services. Make sure you know who is responsible for services and repairs –the dealer or manufacturer. (5) Look beyond sales and bargain prices and think quality. A quality appliance may cost just a bit more but will last a lot longer. (6) If you are buying your appliances on hire purchase, make sure you understand the details of your hire purchase agreement. Read the fine print. (7)When you’re buying a new appliance,NFL Jerseys Wholesale, it makes good sense to choose the model that uses the least energy while meeting your needs. It helps the environment and it can save you money too. (8) Ensure that the appliance purchased is working at the store before taking it home. (9) Handle appliances with care; do not misuse them. In addition, consumers should not try to install or do any work that should be done by a qualified electrician.

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