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作者: yueyrt1tcM    時間: 7 天前 03:01     標題: Cheap NFL Jerseys said based on the information received

– cash, cheques stolenGunmen made off with an undisclosed sum of cash and cheques early yesterday morning after torching their way into a safe at Brass Aluminum and Cast Iron Foundry Limited in the West Rumiveldt Business Area.General Manager of the company,College Jerseys, Peter Pompey,Wholesale NFL Jerseys China, said based on the information received, sometime after 01:00 hr yesterday, the security guards who were on duty at the time were held up by three gunmen. He said his employees were then tied up and placed in a washroom area.The torched safeAccording to Mr. Pompey, the gunmen made their way to the Number 3 building,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, which houses the welding and fabricating department. They then helped themselves to a welding set including oxygen setting and cutting equipment and headed over the company’s main building which houses the administration office.He said the men then used the utensils to cut their way into the company’s safe.The bandits then made good their escape with an undisclosed amount of cash and cheques. Pompey explained that throughout the robbery his employees stayed in the washroom area. However after seeing daylight, Pompey said one of the men,Cheap Jerseys, who apparently was not properly tied,Cheap Wholesale NFL Jerseys, managed to free himself and his colleagues.The police were immediately called in.When asked if he believed that the incident was an inside job given the fact that the gunmen knew exactly where to find the safe, Pompey declined to comment,Cheap Jerseys, noting that coming to such a conclusion would be premature.He added that since the establishment of the company this is the first time that an incident of this nature had occurred. He told this newspaper that almost a year ago gunmen snatched their payroll as someone was approaching the gate with it.

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