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The staff of the Bank of Nova Scotia in New Amsterdam recently visited the Pediatric Ward of the New Amsterdam Public Hospital and decorated the area for the little kids there. That gesture was in keeping with the Christmas spirit.According to representative of the bank,Wholesale Stitched Jerseys, Renee Rama,China Jerseys Free Shipping, “Our aim was to decorate the children’s ward for the Christmas holidays and for their upcoming Christmas party”. Christmas decorations were added to the wards and the inmates were given gifts,Paul Kariya Ducks Throwback Jersey, which staff contributed from funds raised through a cake- sale.Scotia Bank staff and the kids of the ward of the N/A Hospital.She added that the staff of BNS did a wonderful job decorating the ward with assistance from the doctors and nurses.“We also gave children at the ward Christmas gifts which they welcomed with a cheerful smile.  In the end staff at the hospital thanked us for being there”.Rama stated,Cheap NFL Jerseys, too,Marshon Lattimore Jersey, that “this is an event that we want to undertake annually”.Additionally,David Njoku Jersey, a Christmas party for children who participated in the bank’s literacy programme for 2012 is scheduled for today at the Salvation Army Youth Centre in the town.

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