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…Attorney at law Nigel Hughes spearheads High Court proceedingsFollowing publication of Kaieteur News story on October 15, last, “Trio on $9M bail for vehicular theft” overseas based Guyanese, Virafree Veerasammy, of Lot 90, Line Path B,Cheap Jerseys 2018, Skeldon, Corriverton, Berbice and of Ontario Canada, contacted Kaieteur News with court documents stating that the cars belong to him and not Vinode Pillay who tried to covet the vehicles while he, Veerasammy,Jerseys NFL China, was overseas.Veerasammy is suing Pillay for $10M. He has since filed High Court proceedings through his attorney at law Nigel Hughes against Pillay, Navindai Pillay and Savitree Jainaraine to repossess the vehicles which were part of a fleet of 10 cars and one trailer which he owns.He had acquired the vehicles to operate a car rental business under the name of Affordable Car Rental at his address at Lot 90 Line Path,Cheap Jerseys From China, B Skeldon, Corriverton, Berbice.The High Court has since granted an order restraining the defendants or their servants or agents from dealing with mortgaging, renting, selling or disposing of the  vehicles in any way until the determination of the court action.Speaking to Kaieteur News, Veerasammy stated that he owns a business by the name of Affordable Heating and Air Conditioning in Ontario, Canada. As a Guyanese he responded to the call to return and invest in Guyana. He said that after conducting surveys he decided on a car rental business in his home town.He contacted Pillay whom he had considered as a friend, to manage and oversee the business in Guyana.  He started to remit money to Guyana in December 2011 and between then and last February he sent over $30M, through money transfer, documents for which he produced.The money was sent to Pillay to purchase ten cars and one trailer in Veerasammy’s name from Tropical Auto Sales on the Corentyne to start the business.Pillay,Cheap Soccer Jerseys, who is a barber, conspired with the auto sales company and purchased the vehicles in his name. The vehicles were bought between January and March 2012. Pillay then went ahead and established the business in his name.Veerasammy stated that he trusted the man and never expected to be involved in any skullduggery. All his queries were greeted with “everything is going fine. “He returned to Guyana in April to see how things were going and to make further plans. He was not prepared for the shock he received; that Pillay had tried to rob him of everything.“Pillay had bought the vehicles and established the business in his name.”  When he questioned Pillay, he was told that if you are living overseas you cannot own, or conduct business in Guyana, which he considered strange.Pillay then made him an offer to give him four of the cars; then he would transfer the rest of the business in his name. Veerasammy said that the same four cars went missing and are at the centre of another court matter, which was reported in Kaieteur News.Veerasammy said that he was downtrodden and did not know what to do. He spent almost the entire April in Guyana trying to recoup his business. He contacted attorney at law Nigel Hughes and commenced High Court proceedings and was granted the order in court.  He rushed back to Canada and returned in May. After being back and forth, Veerasammy came to Guyana in October only to learn that the defendant did not comply with the court order.Now his attorney,NFL Jerseys China, Nigel Hughes, has filed another motion in the High Court which comes up for hearing in the Berbice High court on Friday for contempt of court proceedings asking that the defendants to be committed to prison for disobeying the April 18 order of Justice Brassington Reynolds.The plaintiff had filed the order claiming that he is the lawful owner of the vehicles PNN 6304, PPP1601, PPP2242, PPP1934, PPP2328, PPP1935, PPP2327, PPP897, PPP1740, PPP2241 and PPP2192 and seeking the repossession of same.The order is also seeking to compel the defendant to return the vehicles forthwith. The writ went on to state that although an order was granted restraining the defendants from using the vehicles,Cheap Jerseys, four of the vehicles were rented to one Winston Trim.When contact was made with Trim he told the plaintiff that the vehicles were rented from Pillay.  He then chased Veerasammy out of his yard.  Upon returning to Trim’s premises the next day, it was discovered that the vehicles had been taken away to an unknown area.

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