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A 39-year-old General Manager was shot dead and one of his colleagues badly wounded after gunmen launched a brazen attack on a mining dredge in the Barama River at around noon on Saturday.Regerton Simon, called ‘Baba’ of Lot ‘P’ 73 Guyhoc Park, collapsed and died on the dredge after he reportedly sustained multiple gunshot wounds.Shot dead: Regerton SimonHis colleague,China Jerseys Cheap, 33-year-old Malvin Edwards, of East La Penitence Squatting Area, was shot in the chest, head and right arm.Edwards, who reportedly suffered a punctured lung, was eventually air-dashed to the Port Kaituma Hospital and later transferred to the Georgetown Hospital’s High Dependency Unit.Four other workers, said to be all Brazilians and including a female cook, escaped unhurt.Kaieteur News was told that three of the Brazilians are being questioned at the Port Kaituma Police Station. The fourth has reportedly accompanied other police ranks from Port Kaituma back to the site of the attack.A source said that the ranks arrived at the site late yesterday evening and that the body of the slain GM had still not been removed from the site.The dredge was operated by Bartica gold miner,Boston Celtics Jerseys, Morris Hopkinson, who was unable to say whether anything was stolen and whether robbery was the motive for the attack.Hopkinson told Kaieteur News yesterday that persons in the area recounted seeing two men in a boat with a 36 horsepower engine pass the dredge shortly before hearing bursts of gunfire. The survivors had reported seeing the same men pass some hours earlier before the shooting occurred.Asked about motives other than robbery,Authentic Jerseys Wholesale, Hopkinson alleged that some Barama residents had voiced their resentment about the presence of his mining concession in the area. According to Hopkinson, a Toushao had ordered them to shift the operation from another area in the Barama River about two months ago. Kaieteur News was also told that some disgruntled residents from the community had boarded the dredge, after claiming that the operation was polluting the river.Hopkinson told Kaieteur News that he had moved his dredge about two miles away from the previous spot.Although unable to speak because of his gunshot injuries, survivor Malvin Edwards wrote a brief statement at the hospital to relate his ordeal.Edwards related that he was in the upper section of the dredge, and his manager and three Brazilians were on the bottom flat when he heard several explosive sounds.Critical: Malvin EdwardsThe miner rushed outside and heard two more gunshots. The bullets struck him and knocked him unconscious.Edwards said that when he eventually recovered he was lying on the floor and bleeding.Nevertheless, he crawled in search of the GM and eventually found Simon lying dead on the floor in a pool of blood.According to his report,NFL Jerseys Wholesale, he did not see the four Brazilians who were working on the dredge.Kaieteur News was told that the Brazilians fled to another camp and informed the owner of the attack. They were then transported to the Port Kaituma Police Station.Although the shooting occurred at around noon on Saturday, Edwards was reportedly transported to the Port Kaituma Hospital at around 21:00 hrs on Saturday. He was transported to the city at around 09:00 hrs yesterday.Donna Hinds,Wholesale Jerseys China, the shot man’s mother, said that doctors at the GPHC said that her son was fortunate to have survived.“The doctor said he lucky, the bullet miss he heart and punctured his lungs so he’s bleeding internally.”When Kaieteur News visited the home of slain GM Regerton Simon, several relatives and friends had gathered to console his wife, Jewel Simon, and the couple’s two daughters, aged 19 and 17 years.Trying to remain composed, Mrs. Simon stated that her husband was originally from Bartica and had worked in the interior “all his life.”“He was a loving husband,Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale, the best husband and best father, and a very special neighbour to the entire Guyhoc Park.”Mrs. Simon stated that her husband left for the interior on August 21.She realised that all was not well in the camp on Saturday night when her brother called to say he had heard about a shooting incident at the concession. Initial reports were that everyone on the dredge had been slain.She contacted the owner of the dredge, Simon Hopkinson, who eventually confirmed that the dredge had come under attack and her husband had been slain.Mrs. Simon admitted that she had been concerned for her husband’s safety in the interior, particularly after the recent abduction and murder of a Bartica businessman’s employee.Malvin Edwards’ wife of nine years, Nicola Edwards said he left home for Bartica in August. He then called to say he was going into Barama to work. “He called last week and asked if the children were ready for school and afterwards he said he’s alright and that he loves me and that was that until I get a call that he get shoot.”This was the first trip into the interior for the former GDF Coast Guard rank.

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