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The Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation yesterday issued a statement in response to an article published in this newspaper under the headline “Maternal complications… two mothers experience “horror” at GPHC.The response which came four days after the publication of the two mothers’ experience, sought to clear the hospital and lay blame at the foot of the mothers.The Kaieteur News article stated that one mother, Andrea Cort, complained that she essentially delivered her baby herself; while the other, Olinda Fredericks,Cheap Jerseys, suffered the loss of her daughter mere hours after she was delivered. The mothers described their experience as “pure horror and terror.”Cort told this newspaper that she was in labour but nurses told her that she was not dilating.  According to Cort, the day after she was admitted to GPHC she was constantly being monitored; however, after regurgitating twice on the floor of the maternity ward,Cheap Soccer Jerseys Free Shipping, the nurses became callous and uttered harsh words towards her.She said that she was subsequently placed in a wheel chair and was left unattended for a period during which she delivered her baby boy.Cort stated that the “hot” pain “hit me off the wheel chair” and she delivered her baby on the floor of the unit. She also noted that a nurse was hesitant to cut the umbilical cord that was wrapped around the baby’s neck.However,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping, GPHC’s statement noted that “Ms. Andrea Cort, age 24 years was admitted to the GPHC on 23/11/2012 at 02.00 hrs complaining of lower abdominal pains.  An examination confirmed that Ms. Cort was in early labour.“Over time,Cheap Jerseys China, the patient was observed to be bearing down at every contraction and was advised against this. Ms Cort was eventually placed in a wheel chair to be taken to the delivery room but she proceeded to lie on the floor and delivered a live baby boy.”This newspaper reported that Fredericks lost her baby girl about 12 hours after going through a “painful” delivery.Fredericks’s husband told this newspaper that his wife was transferred from West Demerara Hospital after being told that,Wholesale China Jerseys, that institution’s Maternity Theater does not operate on weekends.The man said that his wife was two weeks over due and was under severe pain so they asked for a C Section to be done. “They told us that she could do it the natural way. So I leff them fuh do they thing but they messed up big time cause if they de do the C- Section me baby girl would have still been alive.”GPHC stated that “…the patient was transferred from the West Demerara Clinic with a history of post maturity and severe pre-eclampsia. Ms. Fredericks delivered a live baby girl by vaginal birth. The infant appeared to be in distress and resuscitative measures were immediately engaged by the doctors and nurses on duty,Cheap China Jerseys, but all efforts failed. GPHC is in the process of investigating the circumstances surrounding Ms. Fredericks’ transfer and the death of the infant, as is the standard protocol for any maternal or neo-natal death.”

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